Letter form Louis

2016년에 올리는 첫 글입니다. MMC의 노방전도를 통해 교회에 출석하기 시작한 중국인 형제 Louis 의 글을 올려봅니다. 대학원 공부를 마치고 이제 고향인 중국으로 돌아가시데 되었는데, 중국에 가서도 좋은 교회를 찾고 신앙생활 잘 하실 수 있도록 기도부탁드립니다. 

I am Louis. I came to U.S. in 2011. I finished bachelor degree in 2012 and master degree in 2014, major in Business Administration. I first went to MMC because one of my friend Alex invited me in summer 2012. The first impression of MMC is that brothers and sisters in MMC are all very friendly and nice. I met Jesus at first time I went to MMC. I pray that everyone can enjoy better life in love of Jesus in 2016. I will go back to China in January so that more people in China can hear Jesus/God and be saved.

MMC changed my life a lot. The most important thing is I met God, meet Jesus, who I received as my personal savior, which brings be joy and peace. Then I recognized some good friends such as Justin, Nankyung, Jihae, Joohee and so on. They gave me lots of reasonable suggestions when I lost. Also I changed my lifestyle in many aspect. I started to go to church every Sunday, read bible everyday.

I hope more and more people can have chance to hear Jesus, be saved because of faith, go to church, worship God and be used by God.